The 911 story you have never heard before

What health information did the government and the Union withhold from ground zero Responders?

In 2001, shortly after the 911 attack that startled the world, a - then little-known - research company, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology and Sound Health, took part in a pilot study by evaluating eight of the scientists who dared to venture into the gaping hole.

What they exposed was so significant that they immediately contacted the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA.  The official word back from the CDC was that they could not be involved since there was no FDA approval for the protocol that was emerging which showed a modality to eliminate the “Fireman’s Cough”.  Reports have subsequently emerged to show that thousands of these heroes experienced devastating lung/health issues as a result of their efforts at ground zero.

A few days later, the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology received a personal call from an employee of the CDC.  That phone call set in motion a series of events that could have saved billions of dollars and eliminated horrendous suffering.

Responsively, four representatives of the Institute were asked to evaluate 17 additional members from the Union of the Uniformed Firefighter’s Association of Greater NY at the union headquarters.  From the windows of the Union Hall, the gaping hole was visible as an absurd reminder of how many lives could be potentially involved.

A demonstration of the technique showed the elimination of the Fireman’s Cough and even helped one Firefighter stop the pain from what was believed to be a gallbladder attack.  Immediately the Institute group was asked to help the remaining thousands of people who were involved and affected by the deadly toxins that the explosions and consequent fires created.

The idea was a Godsend until the Union officials demanded that the small non-profit research company foot the entire bill for the enormous undertaking of testing and treating EVERYONE involved.  This would have taken millions of dollars to bring in a large crew of trained professionals to stay for months to provide the care and help that was needed.  It was an impossible situation.  The funds needed were ten times the entire annual budget of the non-profit Institute.

The Union has been receiving millions of dollars daily in donations to help those in need.   The trip to Union Headquarters had been made using borrowed funds because it was so important to attempt to make a difference for those who were involved. The proof was there in front of everyone to see.  Yet the Union would not fund this important health evaluation for their members or even allow access; even though there was proof, that they had witnessed, that the protocol stopped the Fireman’s Cough in just a few minutes.

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The crew went home to Ohio, disappointed and dejected but still attempted to find ways to fund the project.  For two years they tried and were turned away repeatedly because there was no FDA approval of these novel, high efficacious, outcomes.

When asked if she knew why her company’s efforts were excluded, Sharry Edwards, Director of the Institute replied.  “It reminds me of the lost wisdom of the willow bark.  Centuries ago the inside bark of the Willow tree was used as flayed toothbrushes and for pain relief.  Hippocrates left records from 460 BC about the use of willow bark to treat pain and fever. But it wasn’t until much later (1828) that salicylic acid was isolated as the cause of the pain relief and even later as a remedy for muscle, joints and circulation complaints.  It wasn’t until this last decade that a popular medical journal published the how and why of the pain relief gained from the properties of willow bark.  So the comparison is, if it works use it.  We showed that we could stop the Fireman’s Cough.  Why allow the FDA – whose record for mistakes and recalls is well known – to stand in the way?  We were before our time but the rest of the world is slowly catching up.”

There is much more to the story and we have attempted to find some of the union representatives that we originally interviewed but we were unable to locate any of them.  We can only assume that they were so close to the devastation that they all died agonizing deaths that could have been easily prevented.