"BioAcoustically Speaking, The State of YOUR HEALTH is in the Sound of Your Voice."

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Key Note

The influence of celestial bodies is ever present. A far reaching dimension subtly impacting our lives. Sharry refers to this phenomenon as the "Key Note".

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Math as Medicine

Everything that happens to the body reaches the brain as biofrequencies that are then sorted, routed and assigned an interpretation.

Sound Health refers to this as Frequency Equivalents™.

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This forum is provided to help you understand more about Vocal Profiling and BioAcoustic Biology: our future depends on it!

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Contributing as a Research Assistant (BARA) further expands the world of human BioAcoustic Biology.

Our Mission

Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling™ investigation has developed the foundation to prove that the body is a predictable mathematical matrix that can be used to extrapolate data concerning individual human health and wellness.

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From birth to death, we use sounds to express our needs and our emotions; but there are additional layers of information hidden within our words.  It is unfortunate that we possess only limited conscious awareness of this information.

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The state of your health is in the sound of your voice. Frequencies and architectures found in the human voice can be used to identify the innate mathematical biomarkers that represent states of health and wellness.

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Wow! Wow! Wow!   I did told my results to my chiropractor and he checked it and yes those were the affected areas.  You also proved the element theory...I am a water by shape and points and berries and melons are my medicine and I should avoid animal protein and grain!

Namaste, Charlene

Sharry ~ what a blessing you have been given to share this with the world. Truly a treasure.....thank you sooooo much! I told my husband about it and he wants to do the happy hour next Tuesday with you!!!! Love and Blessings!

Jessica Garcia

I woke this morning with everything aching and creaking. When I listened to your program at mid-day and you mentioned the "frequency of the day" and related issues, I felt so relieved. You virtually described everything I was feeling. This post and today's Blog Talk Radio program were so helpful! Thanks for all you do.

Anne Richards

This work is going to be a grand contribution. Sharry is the hub of something very exciting that is coming around the corner.

Athena Jezik

Sharry and her work is totally amazing! It has been the best training I ever received.

Nance Black Woods

I listened to you speak on the Carol Ritberger podcast... WOW! I'm so excited about the future! It seems that so much brilliant information is coming out that will change life as we know it!

Diane Pfister Drews

Sharry Edwards’ work defines and demonstrates the unifying field theory that defied Einstein.

Dr. John Apsley

Quotes article 32

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